Brian B. Tarimo, Ifakara Health Institute

On April 25, we celebrate World Malaria Day. Malaria prevention, diagnosis and treatment programmes have prevented 1.5 billion cases and saved 7.6 million lives in the past decade. These numbers are undoubtedly impressive; however, we are still far away from a malaria-free world.

The burden of malaria is highest in tropical and subtropical regions. According to the 2020 World Malaria report by WHO, 94% of all malaria cases occurred in Africa. I am from Tanzania and, throughout my life, I have seen members of family and friends fighting the disease several times. I have also had malaria several times.

I have dedicated my career to eradicating malaria and other vector-borne diseases. As a research scientist, I could not stress enough the need for novel tools and methods to fight these diseases. Africa stands to accrue the most benefits from any interventions for malaria control approved for widescale application, including gene drive mosquitoes.