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What gene-drive mosquitoes and gene-drive snails may have in common?

Studies focusing on the use of gene drive mosquitoes to control vector-borne diseases are setting the pace for genetic research in other fields such as schistosomiasis vector control. A recent paper published in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases explores the perspectives from practitioners of global health, genome engineering, epidemiology, and snail/schistosome biology about the use of gene drive to control schistosomiasis. It also outlines strategies for responsible gene drive technology development in this field.

Another study published in the journal Pathogens and Global Health compares the technical, democratic and diplomatic challenges faced by researchers working on gene-drive mosquitoes and transgenic schistosome-resistant (TSR) snail vectors. According to the author, some of the concerns over gene-drive mosquitoes may not apply to gene-drive snails, which would make community acceptance no more difficult or even easier to obtain in the case of schistosomiasis vector control.

To learn more, access the full studies at PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases and Pathogens and Global Health.

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