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Researchers find that release of Wolbachia-carrying mosquitoes can prevent dengue

The World Mosquito Program (WMP) has recently released the results of a study it conducted in Indonesia to determine whether releasing Wolbachia-carrying mosquitoes into wild populations could reduce the incidence of dengue.

WMP, in conjunction with the Tahija Foundation and Gadjah Mada University, conducted a randomized controlled trial in Yogyakarta City, in which the study area was divided into 24 clusters, half of which were randomly selected for releases of Wolbachia-carrying mosquitoes. Communities into which these mosquitoes were released saw a 77% reduction in the incidence of dengue, and this approach therefore represents a promising new tool to control the disease. The results demonstrate the promise of new technologies for vector control and provide a good example of fostering community understanding and acceptance of experimental releases.

More details can be found on WMP’s website.

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