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Join The Third Session of The 2022 Gene Drive Webinar Series!

Join us for the third panel of the 2022 Gene Drive Webinar Series titled “Integrating social, economic and health aspects into the decision-making process” which will take place on July 28th, 2:00 pm SGT. The session will bring together relevant experts in the field from different parts of the globe as part of the Outreach Network’s efforts to contribute to an informed debate on gene drive research.

Panellists will provide an overview of the potential social, economic and health impacts of gene drive and how these can be integrated into the decision-making process. Dr. Ravi Srinivas (Research & Information System for Developing Countries (RIS)) will shed light on the role of socio-economic impact assessments and discuss how these can complement environmental risk assessments (ERA). Delphine Thizy (Target Malaria) will delve into gene drives’ potential social, economic and health impacts as research and debate around these issues gain momentum. Dr. Mary Grace Dacuma (University of the Philippines Los Banos) will moderate the session.

The webinar will be recorded and published on the ISAAA SEAsia Center’s website. You can register for the session here.

If you missed the second webinar of the series, you can access this blog post and watch the session’s recording on YouTube to learn more.

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