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IUCN Congress – Learn more about Synbio approaches to conservation!

The IUCN World Conservation Congress is taking place in Marseilles September 3rd to 11th, in a hybrid virtual and physical format. As part of its virtual aspects, it has made available to the general public over 150 e-posters and presentations prepared by conference attendees on a myriad of issues vital to ongoing attempts to halt biodiversity loss. These include several prepared by the members of the Outreach Network for Gene Drive Research and other researchers on topics related to gene drive. They will be available to all for the duration of the Congress, and those who have registered virtually will be able to ask questions or leave comments on them.

Check the e-posters below!

Gregg Howald of Advanced Conservation strategies discussing the necessity of considering genetics-based tools, including potentially gene drive, to address the impacts of invasive alien species on islands.

Willy Kiprotich Tonui of Environmental Health Safety Consultancy Ltd., Brinda Dass of the Foundations for the National Institute of Health, and Hector Quemada of Western Michigan University discussing how the risks and benefits for the environment of gene drive approaches can be evaluated using Environmental Risk Assessments, allowing research to proceed safely and responsibly.

A team of scientists from the University of Oxford and the University of Ghana discussing the ecological impacts of locally suppressing populations of specific mosquito species that transmit malaria.

The full range of IUCN World Conservation Congress e-posters and associated presentations can be viewed here.

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