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GeneConvene: Gene-drive systems for mosquito population modification

This week was the launch of GeneConvene Global Collaborative Webinars – Engineered Gene Drives: State of Research. The first webinar took place September 9 with Professor Anthony James, Ph.D., from the University of California on the topic Gene-drive systems for mosquito population modification. Anthony James discussed the objectives of genetic control, including population suppression to reduce/eliminate mosquitoes, as well as population modification, which aims to change a mosquito’s ability to transmit pathogens. Prof. James noted that interest from his research group in population modification approaches was driven by their potential to have a sustainable impact on malaria elimination, while avoiding concerns about a possible empty ecological niche, while being stable in low population densities.

Throughout the webinar, Prof. James outlined in detail the method behind gene drive technology and discussed potential outcomes. He emphasized that this technology alone would not be successful in eradicating malaria and highlighted the need for many methods working simultaneously.

Watch the full Webinar below.

GeneConvene Global Collaborative Webinars is taking place September 9 – October 14, 2020. You can register to attend a session here.

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