By Kristine Grace N. Tome, Program Officer II, International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA)

ISAAA Inc., in partnership with the Outreach Network for Gene Drive Research and the Malaysian Biotechnology Information Centre (MABIC), gathered approximately 834 online participants during the webinar “Genetic Tools for Conservation and Health: What's the Role of Gene Drives?” held on November 16. The online session is the first of the 2023 Gene Drive Webinar Series that focuses on the interests of specific countries and aims to promote a productive and balanced conversation on the benefits and risks of possible gene drive applications relevant to national priorities. The Philippines, picked as the first country to be engaged in the webinar series, has been at the forefront of biotechnology research and regulation in Asia for a long time and plays an important role in shaping the region’s views on novel technologies and developing expertise.