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The Network welcomes its latest member: Transmission Zero

The Outreach Network for Gene Drive Research is delighted to have Transmission Zero join as its latest member. Transmission Zero is a global malaria research programme working to develop innovative genetic tools to stop malaria transmission. The programme is led by scientists at Imperial College London and the Instituto de Salud Ifakara (IHI), in partnership with the Tanzanian National Institute of Medical Research and the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute.

Research Technician Temesgen M Kebede, Transmission Zero, rearing malaria mosquitoes in the laboratory. Photograph: Transmission Zero

Last year, the group announced the generation of the first transgenic mosquito strain to be made in Africa. The strain carries a genetic modification that makes the mosquitoes unable to transmit malaria. This scientific breakthrough demonstrated the successful development of local technical capacity and infrastructure to generate new genetic technologies which could contribute to the fight against malaria.

To learn more about Transmission Zero’s work and stay updated with their latest news, you can visit their website and follow them on X.

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