The Ifakara Health Institute will host the webinar “There is a gene in my mosquitoes” on March 24 as part of its MasterClasses initiative. Prof Austin Burt (Imperial College London, UK), Dr Tony Nolan (Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK), and Prof Abdoulaye Diabate (Research Institute of Health Sciences - IRSS, Burkina Faso) will discuss what makes gene drives attractive for malaria control & elimination, pathways for testing and deployment of gene drive mosquitoes, limitations & challenges of gene drive technologies and much more!

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The journal Health Security will publish a special edition on gene drive governance in the US. The journal is calling for papers exploring policy, practice, and research issues relevant to the topic, as well as reviews of specific US policies related to gene drives and emergent biotechnologies. The deadline for submissions is May 31.

Scientists at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) have engineered a new gene drive that allows for a higher degree of control and minimizes the risk of genetic changes that could lead to unintended ecological consequences.

The “split drive” system allows genetic parameters and strategies to either limit or extend the gene drive potential. According to Dr. Ethan Bier, senior author of the study, this tailored approach to gene drives could potentially enable the control of insect vectors and pests in diverse contexts.

The GeneConvene Global Collaborative will host a webinar series on Ecological Risk Assessment of gene drives. The meetings will take place every Wednesday from March 10th to 31st. During the first webinar, John Mumford, Imperial College London, and Michael Bonsall, Oxford University, will discuss the use of models in environmental risk assessment for gene drive insects. For a full list of webinar titles and speakers, including dates and times, please click here.

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The Ifakara Health Institute will host the master class “The Long Road to Malaria Elimination” with the legendary Prof. Sir Brian Greenwood on March 3. This 16th episode of Ifakara MasterClasses will address today’s big questions for malaria epidemiologists and entomologists and provide an analysis of the path towards malaria elimination. On the occasion, Prof. Greenwood will also cover selected breakthroughs in drugs, diagnostics, vaccines & vector control, as well as alternative futures of malaria prevention & control in Africa.